Leader in industrial hygienic kitchen and catering furniture

Technological experience

Prostahl was the first company that industrialised the production of hygienic kitchen and catering furniture in accordance with DIN Standard 18865-9 H1-H2-H3 to the point where almost every size can be produced. In doing this, we made a decisive contribution to making hygienic kitchen and catering furniture on a large scale affordable for the gastronomy.

Of course we are not resting on our laurels; on the contrary, we are always introducing new technologies into our production processes. Thus, we use not only state-of-the-art CNC separation and welding technologies, but also high temperature bonding technologies. For example, we can deliver reinforced table tops not only in various types of MDF, but also with energy-absorbing aluminium reinforcement or with dense polyurethane foam.

The latest technologies coupled with decades of experience as craftsmen enable us to realise the most unusual wishes of our customers.


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